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House action encourages dentists to promote bone marrow matching programs

Each year, nearly 14,000 patients will need bone marrow transplants and sadly less than half will get them.

Back in 2012 the ADA House encouraged dentists to promote bone marrow matching programs – this resolution was renewed in 2016.

Check out the ADA News article about a dentist who took his personal crusade to the next level by organizing bone marrow donor drives in a statewide program sponsored by his state dental association.

Here’s an easy way to get involved. Request or promote free swab kits from Delete Blood Cancer (DKMS) and start making an impact today!   Everyone swabbed is entered into the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. 

Go to:

There are so many ways to help. 

Individuals can request a free swab kit through DKMS.  Go to:   

You can also have a swab party.  Go to: