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No News Could Be Good News in Spotsylvania Fluoride Debate

Critics in Spotsylvania are skeptical of the county’s longstanding practice of adding 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter to municipal drinking water calling it “forced medication”. 

“This is something we’re not giving people a choice on,” Supervisors Chairman Greg Benton said at the recent Board of Supervisors meeting. 

Others spoke in support of fluoridation including Dr. Johnny Johnson, President of the American Fluoridation Society who traveled from Florida specifically to present scientific studies that show the practice is safe. 

VDA Members Dr. Lloyd F. Moss, III, Dr. Elizabeth Barrett, Dr. Kent Archibald and others also spoke during the board meeting.  Dr. Archibald cautioned the board, “Fear and doubt, such as what you have heard tonight from some, is a recipe for a…story that will go viral on the internet and flood social media with misinformation.”

For now, the Board of Supervisors has not made a decision on how to resolve this fluoride debate.