E-prescribing Law Waivers and Issues with Pharmacies

The VDA has heard from some members who were granted waivers by the Board of Dentistry and have had issues with pharmacies indicating that they are not aware of the waivers.  The Board of Pharmacy provided all licensed pharmacists with information on the Mandatory E-Prescribing of Opioids effective July 1, 2020.  The information that was sent to licensed pharmacists included the following:

“Please note that while pharmacists must continue to ensure only valid prescriptions are dispensed, the law does not require the pharmacist to determine if a non-electronic prescription for an opioid is exempted from electronic transmission requirements or if the prescriber has been issued a waiver by his or her licensing Board. Specifically, §54.1-3410(E) states that a ‘dispenser [eg, pharmacist] who receives a non-electronic prescription for a controlled substance containing an opioid is not required to verify that one of the exceptions set forth in §54.1-3408.02 applies and may dispense such controlled substance pursuant to such prescription and applicable law.’”

We would encourage those dentists who have been issued waivers to share this with any pharmacists who question non-electronic prescriptions for opioids.    As highlighted above, pharmacists are clearly not required to verify waivers and may dispense for a non-electronic prescription.

Options to Comply with July 1 e-Prescribing Law and Exclusive VDA Member Savings