Waivers Temporarily Delaying Electronic Prescribing Expire July 1

It’s possible to speed up your workflow, improve patient care and protect your practice simply by electronically prescribing every medication. If you’re already e-Prescribing controlled substances, you’re already halfway to a better workflow. Doctors holding a waiver postponing compliance with Virginia’s 2020 law requiring Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS): your ideal time to switch is now. Waivers expire on July 1, making compliance necessary.

Here’s a quick refresher. The VA EPCS law requires you to electronically write, review and send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy for any controlled substance containing an opioid. EPCS laws like this are in place across the country to help combat the opioid crisis. Electronic prescribing helps reduce medication errors and adverse drug events, better equips a prescriber in his or her decision-making process and increases patient adherence to prescription medications.

It may seem difficult to change your full prescription writing workflow. If so, you haven’t experienced the freedom and flexibility electronic prescribing offers. e-Prescribing speeds up your workflow by bringing together every part of the prescription writing process. You can:

●      Access a patient’s FULL prescription history.

Access all prescriptions dispensed at any U.S. pharmacy. e-Prescribing software often allows you to see every prescription dispensed over at least the past twelve months.

●      Speed workflow with practice management and Virginia PMP Integration.

With true integration, your EHR populates your patient’s information directly from your practice management system into your e-prescribing software, eliminating duplicate work. You can also check a patient’s narcotic prescription history with just one or two clicks. When your e-Prescribing software integrates with your practice management system, your patient prescription history checks can be accomplished quickly, in just a few steps.

●      Rapidly-search drug information.

Search the built-in drug directory for immediate brand or generic medications, dosing options, contraindications and discontinued meds. This reduces medication errors and adverse drug events.

●      e-Prescribe on any device from anywhere.

Write, approve and send from any computer, laptop, tablet or phone from any location with internet. Electronic prescribing reduces steps in your daily workflow, speeding up the entire process.

W. Stan Hardesty, DDS, the current North Carolina Dental Society President, openly shares about his decision to abandon the traditional methods and move to a fully electronic method for every prescription: “I was truly worried it would be too complex and require a lot of time to become proficient. Now, 99% of my prescriptions are electronic. The convenience is unbelievable!” states Dr. Hardesty.

e-Prescribing is the most effective prescription writing system to help reduce medication errors and adverse drug events while improving your patient’s adherence. What’s more, it empowers you to work faster and more efficiently. Take advantage of this opportunity to transition to a better way to provide prescription care and save time in your day.

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