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House to vote to reauthorize Action for Dental Health

In 2018, you helped the ADA get the Action for Dental Health Act, which provided funding for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) oral health workforce grant program, signed into law. We now have the opportunity to reauthorize the Action for Dental Health Act so that funding for these crucial programs will not expire this year and would be extended for a five-year period from 2024 until 2028.

The House of Representatives will be voting to advance the Action for Dental Health Act of 2023 this week. The Action for Dental Health (ADH) program has supported many state-based efforts to reduce dental disease through oral health education, grow the oral health workforce and place it where it’s most needed, reduce emergency department visits through establishing dental homes, and many other important initiatives.

Please email your Representative and ask them to vote yes on this crucial workforce grant program focused on providing access to care for those most in need. In doing so, they can express their support for the oral health of underserved populations, and for the improvements in the dental workforce to get dental professionals where they are most needed.