Caring Smiles MOM Event

Making a Difference: Caring Smiles MOM Event

Jun 4, 2024 by Jessica Mullen, Program Officer at Obici Healthcare Foundation and Caring Smiles MOM Site Director

The recent Caring Smiles MOM event held in collaboration with the Obici Healthcare Foundation, Virginia Dental Association Foundation (VDFA) and Missions of Mercy showcased the profound impact of community-driven initiatives in addressing dental health disparities. Over the course of the event, held at King’s Fork Middle School in Suffolk, Virginia, we had the privilege of providing essential dental care to 113 individuals.

The total value of the donated care rendered during the event amounted to an impressive $82,349, a testament to the generosity and commitment of our volunteers and sponsors. This substantial contribution underscores the significance of collective efforts in ensuring access to vital dental services for underserved populations.

One of the key highlights of the event was the provision of dental treatments, including extractions and restorative actions. A total of 259 teeth were extracted, addressing urgent dental needs and alleviating pain and discomfort for our patients. Additionally, 73 teeth underwent restorative procedures, restoring function and enhancing oral health outcomes for individuals in need.

Beyond the numbers, the Caring Smiles MOM event exemplified the spirit of compassion and solidarity within our dental community. Volunteers from various backgrounds came together to offer their time, expertise, and resources to support our mission of improving oral health access for all. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to service were truly inspiring and made a tangible difference in the lives of our patients.

Looking ahead, the success of the Caring Smiles MOM event serves as a catalyst for continued collaboration and innovation in addressing dental health disparities. By leveraging our collective strengths and resources, we can build upon this momentum to expand access to quality dental care and promote oral health equity throughout Virginia and beyond.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the Caring Smiles MOM event. Your generosity, compassion, and dedication have made a lasting impact on our community, and I look forward to our continued efforts in advancing oral health for all.

Photo courtesy of the Obici Healthcare Foundation.