Member Alert: The VDA PAC Needs Your Support!

May 14, 2024

The 2024 General Assembly Session was unquestionably the most successful session for the VDA in recent history. All legislation that the VDA supported this year moved through the legislature and has been officially signed by Governor Youngkin. This was all due to the significant effort by the VDA leadership, membership and staff.

Transparency in Dental Insurance Carriers 

This is a very important policy change as it defines actual loss ratio (ALR) and requires all dental carriers to annually report their ALR and the BOI to make it publicly available. It also creates a workgroup with the staff of the BOI to vet and develop solutions for persistent problems the VDA members may be having with insurance carriers. Submit your insurance issues through the VDA Grievance Tracker- all issues will be reviewed to identify trends and salient issues to share with this workgroup.

Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact

Allows dentists and dental hygienists to move across state lines. It's a big step forward to improve licensee mobility and office recruitment as well as improve needed oral health care. It will help address one of the major relocating challenges in our military and public health services.

Safe Haven for Dentists and Dental Hygienists

Extends the civil liability protections of Virginia’s provider wellness program (known as Safe Haven) to dentists and dental hygienists and strengthens those protections for providers seeking voluntary inpatient treatment for mental health services.

Remote Supervision of Dental Hygienists

Simply gives more flexibility in the time (90-180 days) between seeing a hygienist remotely and having an in-person visit with the supervising dentist. This change should help provide more access for underserved populations.

Funding a New VCU School of Dentistry Building

VCU is authorized to utilize up to $5,200,000 in non-general funds to consider and evaluate alternative sites, designs, and operational alternatives for replacement of the present Dentistry School facilities. 

How can you help us continue this great work for dentistry? Political action—including political contributions—is the only way to get the job done. Don’t assume your colleagues’ contributions are enough. Your contribution WILL make a difference. Contribute Today!

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